Design and Manufacturing of a Pressure Switch for the Pump Industry

Design and Manufacturing of a Pressure Switch for the Pump Industry
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Design and Manufacturing of a Pressure Switch for the Pump Industry


Our client came to us with a pressure switch that did not meet their functional as well as aesthetic requirements for a water pump application. Thus, we analyzed the application, understood the requirements for the pressure switch and identified areas of improvement for the product. We then prototyped a switch for the customer to evaluate.

The switch had to fit within a specific assembly with extremely tight tolerances, maintain WRAS approval, and be able to withstand moderate pressures. We performed pressure testing and cycle testing of the product in house, and had a third party lab verify any tolerance requirements necessary.

Furthermore, we constructed an entirely new assembly line and set up specific manufacturing procedures for this client to ensure that the delivered product would meet all their requirements. Not only did we improve the existing switch, but we discovered additional improvements to create a more efficient overall assembly for our client.

Pressure Switch for the Pump Industry Project Highlights

Product Description
This pressure switch is used within an assembly for a water pump application.
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Research & Design
  • Had Discussion w/ Client to Understand all Requirements
  • Perform Research & Development to Identify any Design Changes That Could be Recommend to Improve Existing Design
  • Generate Conceptual Design for Customer Approval
  • Designed using Solidworks, Generated Sketches, and 3D Models
Prototype Manufacturing
  • SLA Prototyping was made as Initial Phase
  • Submit to Client for Evaluation
  • First Article Manufacturing
Product Launch
  • Perform Evaluation based Off of Customer Feedback for any Production Improvements
Overall Part Dimensions
Compact Size with Specific Dimensions Supplied by the Customer
Tightest Tolerances
Various Tight Tolerances Were Met
Customer Had a 3rd Party Lab Verify it
Under 150PSI Pressure
WRAS Approval
Hot and Cold Water Use
In process testing/inspection performed
Pressure Testing
Cycle Testing
Visual Inspection
Industry for Use
Water Pump
Standards Met
Customer supplied specifications
WRAS approved component
Product Name
SWA Pressure Switch

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